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Navutoka FC

TongaTonga, Navutoka, Lapaha
World Ranking: 2327OFC Ranking: 78Tonga Ranking: 2

Detailed page of Navutoka FC, where you can find the overall ranking, game results (total matches, wins, draws, losses and goal difference), trophies and performances achieved in the last 5 years, 3 subcategorized rankings (world , continental and national), as well as the points earned for each competition in last period.

World Ranking Stats

Position: #2327
Points:67.23 pts
Position 2023:
(89.28pts) #2348

Matches data

(67%) 29
(5%) 2
(28%) 12
181 - 76

Trophies & Performances (last 5 years)


No international performance for Navutoka FC in last 5 years


Tonga Major League: 2th place x2 (2022,2023)
Tonga Cup: Semifinals x1 (2020)

Other Info

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World Ranking #2327

2325.PortugalSCU Torreense67.32
2326.South AfricaBlack Leopards FC67.32
2327.TongaNavutoka FC67.23
2328.MaliBinga FC67.23
2329.VietnamSaigon FC67.17

Continental Ranking #78

76.TahitiAS Tiare Tahiti68.02
77.SamoaGoldstar Sogi FC67.60
78.TongaNavutoka FC67.23
79.TahitiAS Tamarii Punaruu66.66
80.Papua New GuineaGulf Komara FC66.53

National Ranking #2

1.TongaVeitongo FC108.62
2.TongaNavutoka FC67.23
3.TongaFolaha FC52.47
4.TongaNukuhetulu FC47.07
5.TongaLotoha'apai United41.49

Competitions activity for Navutoka FC

1Tonga Major LeagueTonga Major League 65.07 4128112 180 - 76 +104
2Tonga CupTonga Cup 2.16 2110 1 - 0 +1