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Grindavik Football Team

IcelandIceland, Grindavik
World Ranking: 3946UEFA Ranking: 1120Iceland Ranking: 15

Detailed page of Grindavik Football Team, where you can find the overall ranking, game results (total matches, wins, draws, losses and goal difference), trophies and performances achieved in the last 5 years, 3 subcategorized rankings (world , continental and national), as well as the points earned for each competition in last period.

World Ranking Stats

Position: #3946
Points:7.00 pts
Position 2022:
(18.20pts) #3474

Matches data

(13%) 3
(48%) 11
(39%) 9
18 - 35

Trophies & Performances (last 5 years)


No international performance for Grindavik Football Team in last 5 years


Iceland FA Cup: Quarterfinals x1 (2019)

Other Info

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World Ranking #3946

3944.GuyanaDen Amstel FC7.00
3945.BarbadosBrittons Hill7.00
3946.IcelandGrindavik Football Team7.00
3947.PakistanAfghan FC Chaman7.00
3948.KosovoKF Liria Prizren7.00

Continental Ranking #1120

1118.WalesAirbus UK Broughton FC7.32
1119.MaltaSaint Andrews FC7.20
1120.IcelandGrindavik Football Team7.00
1121.KosovoKF Liria Prizren7.00
1122.LithuaniaFK Palanga7.00

National Ranking #15

13.IcelandLeiknir Reykjavyk19.32
14.IcelandKnattspyrnufelagio Fram14.88
15.IcelandGrindavik Football Team7.00
16.IcelandIprottafelagio Grotta2.88
17.IcelandUngmennafelagio Fjolnir2.16

Competitions Activity for Grindavik Football Team

1Iceland LeagueIceland League 7.00 223118 17 - 28 -11
2Iceland FA CupIceland FA Cup 0.00 1001 1 - 7 -6